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Negative on hand quantity in oracle apps

negative on hand quantity in oracle apps

Step1: Create a page LoginDetailsPG under.
Now either use an ultrasound scan ovarian cysts existing LPN or create a new LPN for this Pack LPN transaction.
Please help in identifying what is wrong.
Values ( 1234567, '27390BU-000003 sysdate 100, -5, sysdate, 0, sysdate, 0 sql oracle oracle11g oracle-apps).
Values ( 1234567, trim( 'On_Hand_Conversion' 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, sysdate, -1, sysdate, 4994, -1, 2505, 342, -5, 5, 'COL sysdate, '9D00 32, null, 2227526, 364, 'test1' insert into mtl_transaction_lots_interface ( transaction_interface_id, lot_number, lot_expiration_date, transaction_quantity, last_update_date, last_updated_by, creation_date, created_by ).Now the page will be created and the structure of the page is shown.We can pack the items to an exiting LPN or to a newly created LPN.I am inserting data into a transaction interface table and then running the concurrent program "Process Interface".Let say we need to pack item item_A which is having on hand in different locators.Insert into mtl_transactions_interface (transaction_interface_id, transaction_header_id, created_by, last_updated_by, creation_date, last_update_date, source_code, source_header_id, original windows 7 fonts source_line_id, transaction_mode, lock_flag, validation_required, process_flag, transfer_lpn_id, subinventory_code, locator_id, transaction_date, inventory_item_id, organization_id, transaction_type_id, transaction_action_id, transaction_source_type_id, transaction_quantity, primary_quantity, transaction_uom) values fnd_er_id, fnd_er_id, sysdate, sysdate, l_source_code, - description from MTL_transaction_types 1, -source_header_ID 1, -source_line_ID 3, - transaction_mode 2, -lock_flag 1, .In Oracle WMS, LPN (License Plate Number) is a logical or physical collection of items at one place.There are no unprocessed pending transactions that act like reservations reducing inventory.It is for lot control item so I am inserting data into mtl_transaction_lots_interface as well.To Pack LPN transaction takes loose items and pack it into a LPN.

It completes in error.
Here's the insert script :-, insert into mtl_transactions_interface ( transaction_interface_id, source_code, source_line_id, source_header_id, process_flag, validation_required, lock_flag, transaction_mode, last_update_date, last_updated_by, creation_date, created_by, last_update_login, inventory_item_id, organization_id, transaction_quantity, primary_quantity, transaction_uom, transaction_date, subinventory_code, transaction_type_id, transaction_source_id, distribution_account_id, reason_id, transaction_reference ).
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Once we have all the values like inventory_item_ID, locator_ID, LPN_ID, transaction_type_ID etc, we need to insert these values into MTL_transactions_interface table.I am inserting the transaction quantity as negative as it is a Miscellaneous Issue transaction.Data needs to be inserted into this table along with respective values.Also, this item has on hand quantity as well.It can be physically placed inside a box or logically kept as a collection of one or more items.This transaction does not change the on-hand quantity in inventory.